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About Us

Talking about Donald Trump can be tricky in today’s political environment. This site aims to foster rational and civil discussion from all sides. Whether you want to vote in our polls, talk in our forum, or look at our products, this site offers something for people who agree with Trump, as well as for those who strongly disagree with him. When it comes to Trump, there are probably some things you agree with, and other things you disagree with. Discuss it all here, using the following “tricks”:

  • Address the issues, rather than attacking the person.
  • Emphasize positive statements over negative ones. Example: say “I want America to be welcoming towards immigrants”, rather than, “I hate xenophobia”.

We believe that these “tricks” will foster productive conversation, and lead us away from futile bickering. We believe that most Americans want the best for the country, although we all have different ideas for achieving that. We believe that we are stronger together than we are divided.

Posts that do not follow the guidelinesĀ given above will risk being removed from this website.